Music Program

Our Music Program does not only help children acquire the highly treasured musical skills, but also designed towards fostering children’s appreciation and love of music that will last a lifetime. It goes all the way to stimulating their senses, developing their cognition, and nourishing their imagination and creativity. In a fun but disciplined teaching environment filled with songs, rhythms, colors and movements, highly qualified instructors will teach children through imitation, singing, dancing, aural training and instrumental tuition.

Program Structure

Mini Quavers
(2.5 – 3 years old, 30 weeks)
Children will appreciate music through lullabies, learning rhythm through percussions, movement, listening, dancing and playing instruments. Parents are encouraged to accompany children in class.

Teeny Crotchet
(3 – 4 years old, 40 weeks)
Children will now explore music through solfège, harmony, note-reading, keyboard and ensemble playing. The development of inner ear audiation will be emphasised.

Little Minim
(4 – 5 years old, 40 weeks)
This program emphasises on learning musical textures, and solfège will be continued in a wider range. Children will develope better keyboard, improvisation and composition skills.

Mighty Semibreve
(5 – 6 years old, 40 weeks)
This course will further develop note-reading, keyboard, improvisation and composition skills. Audiation skills will be enhanced to develop sensitivity to phrasing.

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